Water Purification

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BN Bio is the exclusive agent for a state-of-the-art new technology, which is based on a highly stable form of ionized copper in liquid concentrate, for the treatment of water pollution, be it bacteria, algae, foul odors, and even indirectly controlling water borne larvae and insects. The areas of applications are as follows: swimming pools, water features, lakes, lagoons, animal pits, odor control in STP’s, municipal water, potable water tanks, cooling towers, chilled water system.

Technical Details


Natural Mineral-Based Anti-Microbial

  • Controls water contamination caused by algae and bacteria
  • Effective against undesirable microbes in many water systems, including natural waters, industrial ponds, irrigation systems and livestock drinking water
  • Improves color, odor and taste of water
  • Lowers suspended organic material, resulting in lower filtration costs
  • Reduces chemical consumption during water treatment
  • Remains effective over wide range of conditions
  • Also used to treat reservoirs, golf courses, ponds, canals, waterscapes, potable water storage tanks and distribution systems

POLYDEX is an effective and environmentally responsible solution to algae and bacteria and their associated toxins in natural, drinking, industrial, and recreational waters. It also controls against undesirable microbes in irrigation systems and livestock drinking water.

Municipal water managers and engineers rely on POLYDEX to combat unsightliness, foul odor and taste in potable and non-potable water systems. Using POLYDEX in agricultural and industrial water distribution systems keeps water working, protects animal health and preserves water resources. If not treated effectively, bio-matter can clog pipes, filters, hoses and nozzles. Noxious gases generated from improperly managed algae and pond slime can be harmful to workers, plants and livestock. Preserving workable grey water for recycling is frequently a practical necessity as well as a responsible practice.

POLYDEX is an environmentally sound alternative to solvents, chelates, sequestering agents and harmful synthetic chemicals. Read more on why this product is favored for control of biological contaminants: Permitted product application and registration varies between jurisdictions.

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Why use chlorine?

POLYDEX offers equivalent results but without the environmental harm and health risks. (See: Independent Study – Polydex and Chlorine pdf) Blue green algae is one of the most widespread environmental problems of inland waters according to the United Nations Environment Programme. Its toxins are poisonous at very low concentrations.

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Blue Magic

Pleasant non-chemical treatment

Pools, hot tubs and spas are meant for fun and relaxation. But heavy chemical disinfectants can easily make the experience less than enjoyable. Strong smell, skin and eye irritation and even respiratory discomfort are not uncommon. Asthma and chemical allergies can also develop. BlueMagic offers a non-chemical alternative that offers a truly pleasing water experience. Used according to directions, it doesn’t smell or create irritation. Offering year round protection, it is easy and safe to use, cost effective and environmentally responsible. In commercial use for over a decade, BlueMagic is proven effective in the control of algae, bacteria and the toxins they produce in private, condominium, hotel and health club settings. BlueMagic simplifies maintenance while ensuring operator safety. BlueMagic is also for home pool and spa use.

What Users say:

“This is the most invigorating pool experience ever because there is no chemical smell”. “BlueMagic makes a really comfortable, soothing spa experience without chemical allergies” “We now have a crystal clear water yet we use less chemicals and don’t need to treat as often.” Reduce Chemical Reliance. Where chlorine use is required, you can reduce chemical reliance with the addition of BlueMagic in your disinfection program. Treatments with BlueMagic remain effective significantly longer than with chlorine alone.

Water treatment and purification

1. The product

A special form of copper ( a natural mineral ), Polydex, is manufactured for the purpose of being effective in controlling bacteria, algae, plankton, and invertebrates ( snails mussels, etc… ). Compared to the multitude of products used to control these organisms, Polydex, features are easy application, no mixing, safe to handle, easy to monitor, long life, no precipitation or chemical change when managed properly as recommended. The product is highly stable, does not evaporate, and is highly hydrophilic making it ideal for use in water protection as it does not need to be physically distributed in many areas of the water body. It is enough to pour in one spot and it spreads at around 20ft per hour. Furthermore and unlike other products, Polydex has the best residual protection as it stays through the water body for a long time, and it is not affected by the outside temperature unlike available oxidants (chlorine…). Polydex is also compatible with other form of oxidants such as chlorine, also Ozonation and UV, through its stability and residual protection which is only partial in Ozonation and inexistent in UV and of course Chlorination. Polydex does not require capital investment and monitoring is made easy with the use of simple copper tester. Its special ionizing capability is very beneficial to prevent mineral / metal precipitations as well as their accumulation in filters, by continuously helping in keeping all these materials in water suspension.

2. How it functions

Unlike chlorine that will kill bacteria by burning, Polydex will control a micro-organism by affecting directly its metabolism thus cutting its appetite and is ultimately killed by starvation. The copper ion in Polydex CU++ has two positive charges, the cell of the micro-organism has one negative charge, so each copper ion will attract two cells by process of deception, and the micro-organism will eat the copper thinking it is a mineral. In general term its is “a seek and destroy “operation. Therefore the copper is depleted in as much as it is consumed by the micro-organism it is supposed to seek and destroy

3. Method statement

The system is very easy to use. For bacteria control, it is recommended to maintain the Copper @ 1ppm = 1 L of Polydex per 60,000 L of water to be treated. For small applications the whole process can be done manually with simple straight forward training, or made through a maintenance contract with the supplier/ agent. Polydex has as well a direct effect on foul odors by killing the anaerobic bacteria (gas producing), and leaving the aerobic bacteria un-affected. Concentration may differ for applications to algae treatment in water features whereby maintaining an average of 0.3 – 0.5 ppm is more than enough to keep the water clean. From experience in the Gulf region mainly the United Arab Emirates, it was found that these concentrations are not enough, therefore higher contents should be budgeted for in order to have tangible results, and concentration of up to 1ppm and sometimes more during the hot humid season is necessary to obtain acceptable water clarity. This was due to the fact that water in the Gulf is mainly desalinated, and other applications have mainly brackish water and or TSE water (where irrigation is concerned). There is also a big difference in the heat concentration per m2 between Canada (100W/m2) and the Gulf area (1500W/m2) Dosages can be administered either manually or through the use of dosing pumps.