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Explaining the KVAR Methodology Patent

The U.S. Patent office issued a patent to KVAR Energy Savings, Inc. inventor Greg Taylor, for an apparatus and a methodology to determine, to an exact science, the amount of capacity required to OPTIMIZE inductive motors to unity at the load. If there was already a formula available, the U.S. Patent office would never have issued a patent on the methodology (see below). Unlike many formulas, the three-phase formula below is severely flawed.


Resistance is not figured into the formula above. Is there a perfect electrical circuit in existence? POWER = RESISTANCE x (AMPERES) ² or in simple terms, I² R LOSS

If it was a perfect circuit with no losses, then the formula would be accurate, however, there is no perfect system without losses. In actuality, the National Electric Code (NEC) builds 125% over sizing of equipment into the systems to prevent overloading and fires. All AC electrical systems have losses because they add transformers, contactors, breakers, disconnects, motors and wiring. Losses are in heat and each one of those connections creates heat. Whenever a screw contacts a wire, there is heat and loss. Some people may think that the losses in an electrical system are not much to be concerned about, but in reality that is not true. If there is only a 2% loss on each motor circuit in a system and there are 200 motors, one can ascertain that the total represents a large amount of total loss.

Here is a good example. Can anyone actually determine perpetual motion? Is there an accurate formula to calculate it? No, there is not an accurate way to determine perpetual motion because of the friction involved. Friction creates heat and slows down momentum therefore preventing perpetual motion from occurring.

Sir Isaac Newton figured out gravity when no one else believed him. Alexander Graham Bell opened our horizons with communication through wires. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. How odd they were. Content image

I² R losses cannot be precisely determined by any formula. There are formulas written, but they are flawed because of the many variables that are present in any given circuit, at any given time.

The Optimization Sizing System, utility patent number 5,440,442, was developed to optimize power factor, whereby the required capacitance is quickly and easily determined to size motors individually in their existing working condition, thus reducing costs with less sizing errors and to determine the proper application of the compensators. Once each load is sized, the compensators are custom designed for that particular electrical load and installed on the load side of the switching device.

The Optimization Sizing System provides a simple and accurate way for measuring the power quality of individual inductive loads (motors). This system consists of three units for sizing: a single phase unit called a US1 for sizing all single phase equipment, a three phase unit called a US2, sizes motors from fractional motors up to 65hp, and a three phase unit called a US3, sizes motors from 65hp up to 300hp. All the Optimizers size up to 600 volts. All have five switches and sizing is accomplished by turning ON one switch or a combination of switches. This binary system has a possibility of at least 93 combinations to optimize the power quality of inductive motors. After sizing is completed, a precise analysis, estimated savings, estimated return on investment and system cost is prepared for the customer

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With KVAR® EC units installed they will :

  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Reduce electrical consumption without cutting capacity, run time or productivity
  • Reduce line loss creating a purer cycle wave form
  • Block distortions in electrical power above and below normal signal range
  • Eliminate power spikes and surges to motor systems and panels
  • Provide Power Factor Optimization to UNITY or very close to that
  • Create an ideal operating environment for your motor driven systems
  • Save the customer money and offer a quick ROI (18 months average time)
  • The KVAR® EC improves the efficiency of the electrical system & the kW capacity is increased
  • Maintains quality voltage levels to your system with less voltage drops especially long runs of cable
  • Reduces the harmful effects from the electro-magnetic fields (EMF’s)
  • Less power system losses in your distribution system
  • Reduces the heat on the wires, contactors & the motors
  • Less overheating and premature failure of motors and other inductive equipment
  • Motors run cooler and are more efficient
  • Increases the life of the motors
  • Increase starting torque
  • Reduce maintenance costs

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